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Triple P Consulting is more than just a consulting company... we also negotiate discount pricing on farm products with suppliers. Below are 3 of our featured additives:

Silage-Pro...More Profit per Cow

Silage Innoculant
All silages experience heating and microbial activity that result in a loss of energy, starch, digestible protein and dry matter. Good management practices help reduce losses but do not eliminate them.
SilagePro® alters the fermentation – pH drop is accelerated, less heat is produced, fermentation takes days, not weeks and fiber digestibility is increased – dramatic differences that can be measured by forage analysis and animal response!
A fast, cool fermentation is key to reducing ensilage loss at feed-out. Silage-Pro features four strains of lactic acid producing bacteria in the enzyme mixture to provide robust lactic acid production matched to the resulting enzyme activity. This product has been well-researched in North America and Europe and is available through Triple P.

Hay-Pro II

Dry Hay additive
HayPro II was developed to inhibit the organisms that cause heating and mold in high moisture grains. It is composed of naturally occurring digestive acids that are pH balanced for stability. These acids are among nature’s most powerful mold and bacteria inhibitors. This product is as a mold inhibitor in feeds. This means more tons of protien and dry matter per acre – not just more water.
  • Bale hay with 20-35% moisture
  • On legume hay, average 15% more dry matter.
  • Bale earlier in the morning and later at night
  • Less mechanical handling
  • Non-corrosive –it will not remove paint
  • No moldy or dusty hay – no worry about barn fires
  • Source of energy for cows and horses
  • Easy and safe to handle –wont burn skin and is as safe as vinegar
  • Full-strength hay preservative at an economical price
  • Hay treated with HayPro II was shown to be beneficial for horses due to its decreased dust and mold content.

AFP Progest

Manure Additive from American Farm Products
As manure leaves the animal the battle for microbial dominance begins and odorous gases are released. Where the manure falls PROGEST should be applied. PROGEST will produce a rich microbial soup that will reduce odors & solids in confinement areas. PROGEST allows you to continually control odors and solids on two fronts with only one point of application!
PROGEST can successfully control odors and solids by dominating the microbial processes of livestock waste. PROGEST will systematically attack, breakdown, digest and liquefy manure with an efficiency that has never been available before. What was out of control is now under control.
Application rate: 1/2lb per 15 cows.
Point of Application: In the gutters, alleyways, or collection pits directly under or behind animals.

Triple P Consulting is an Authorized Dealer for De Dell Seeds

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