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Lower Costs Per Litre of Milk
  • Maximize use of home-grown feeds
  • Minimize cost of purchased feeds
  • Optimal use of commodity ingredients to supplements home-grown grains
  • Increase feed efficiency by increasing income over feed costs and reducing costs per litre of milk
Specialized Formulations that Fit all Types of Feeding Systems
  • Total mixed rations
  • Partial mixed rations with topdress or computer feeding
  • Topdress or computer feeding individual ingredients, grain mixes, etc
More than Just a Bag of Feed
  • With Triple P Consulting, you get nutrition and management advice with a dedicated and experienced consultant
  • Our ration formulations allow maximum flexibilty in feed ingredient use
  • Leading edge nutrition technology maximizes your profitability
Fiscal Advantages
  • Clients have reported average savings of $5000, although some have reported profit increases of over $100 000 per year!
Expert Consulting Services
  • Herd analysis
  • Goal setting for production, reproduction, health and costs
  • Laboratory feedstuff analysis and interpretation
  • Dry matter intake audit
  • Interpretation of DHI reports
  • Interpretation of blood, urine and milk samples
  • Cow comfort exams
  • Lactation/ Dry cow/ Heifer and Calf monitoring programs
  • Reproduction analysis and interpretation
  • Body scoring
  • Manure scoring and evaluation

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