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A natural alternative for scour prevention and treatment
WGS is a multi-vitamin, electrolyte, and polyphenol extract supplement for gut regulation in calves

  • Use it as a preventative tool for scours, or double dose for treatment
  • Use WGS on resistant scours that won’t go away
  • Can be mixed in milk, drenched or top-dressed
  • OVER 16,000 Calves fed daily in Europe and Canada
Producer Comments: “Scours are frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Administering WGS is quick and east and the calves love the taste and aroma. Most importantly– it works!



  • Prosel-300 is a liquid Vitamin E and selenium supplement for sheep and calves. With the emulsion of liposoluble Vitamin E and selenium, it is easy to administer, efficient and
    completely soluble in water or milk.
  • Prosel-300 works to improve immune status and effectiveness of vaccines. Available in 3.78 L and 18.9L.
Producer Comments: “We use Prosel-300 for the first three days in milk to ensure that calves get sufficient Vitamin E and Selenium. It is less expensive than using an injectable form, and is less stressful on the calves and on us.”


  • Propack-Exp is a multivitamin and electrolyte supplement for calves
  • This easy to use supplement is completely soluble in water or milk
  • Available in 2kg and 10kg pails
Producer Comments: “Calves seem to keep going at weaning and at
moving with the addition of Propack-EP. It mixes well in the milk or in the feed as needed.”
SOLUMINE: A blend of licorice-root extract and cinnamon extract
  • This combination is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • Available in 3.78L and 18.9L pails. This liquid is completely soluble in water and/or milk
Producer comments: “Solumine is like a feel-better tonic. It’s great for settling calves on arrival, reducing stress at weaning, when vaccinating and for bringing fever down fast in a sick calf.”

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